Alone (Luna)

by Survivors of the Siege

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Our take on Luna's descent into Nightmare Moon.

This story is the first thing the show presented to us, so we wanted to make sure it was the first thing we shared.


By: Survivors of the Siege

Tonight’s the night,
A choice to make
A choice which may just change it all

No matter who in the end prevails
Tonight the diarchy will fall

A sister scorned, a sister blessed
Time to discard my paper throne
I’ll rule this land, like I deserve
Even if it’s on my own

No second thought, waver do not,
Accept the charge my fate entails

Your cause is just, do what you must,
Determination cannot fail

Do I have the right? Justice for the tears I’ve shed
I just want answers, to the questions in my head?

Why do I feel so alone?

They mock and shun you, don’t forget,
You’ve long since passed time for regrets
You risked your life, on their behalf,
And this is the only thanks you get

I just want love, I just want friends
Surely they can make amends
Not if they’re given a choice
The means will justify the ends

Why do I feel, so alone?
(Why do you feel so alone?)

See how they cower, from my sight
Now I know that I was right
Say goodbye, Summer’s Day
I usher in, Eternal Night

She comes to me, begs me to stop
Hollow words, and useless thoughts
You’ve had your chance, I’ve made my choice
I’ll be the one that they love most

Why do I feel so alone?

I’ve almost won
Eclipsed the sun
I’ll never be alone x2

Have I done wrong?
How could I’ve known
Now I’m on my own

I’m all alone
I’m on my own
What have I done?


released October 9, 2013
Drums by: DarkBurai000
Vocals by: Dulcet
Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Keys, and Mixing by: thedarkprep



all rights reserved


Survivors of the Siege Cincinnati, Ohio

In Character: A band of changelings formed after the failed attack on Canterlot, performing for love, adoration, and attention by creating original music and covering other's work (as changelings are wont to do).

IRL: An MLP band created by thedarkprep and Dulcet Tone, with occasional help from DarkBurai000 (who is not a brony but is a very good drummer).
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