Descent Into Sanity

by Survivors of the Siege

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In the human world, Pinkamena finally snaps, leading the police and the world in general through the darkest times in recent memory.

Happy Nightmare Night everyone!


Running through these streets, pockets lined with malevolence,
Covered in blood but it is not my own
Startled by the onset of infinite peripherals
Adjusting to a script in which I don’t belong

Laughter fills the walls of the hallway that I’m hiding in
I try to find the source but I’m all alone.
And within the sound of sirens sent to pursue me
I must confess I find a rather calming song

Set amongst this city for the symbolistic backdrop,
The siren lights shine to make my artwork known.
And though the consensus is to try to detain me,
I’m still not convinced that I am wrong

Cause I, Expose to all What everyone exposed to me
Human nature, after all, is not what it’s cracked up to be
You say, it’s all my fault, While I say it is destiny
And no matter what you say I won’t discard my sanity.

The city’s in awe cause I’m the enemy
I’m living it up, cause you’re afraid me
I’m finally thinking with clarity
With Sanity, Ha Ha Ha Ha

The city’s in awe cause I’m the enemy
It’s afraid of me, Ha Ha Ha Ha
I’m finally thinking with clarity
With Sanity, Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha

Walking down the street, a knife coated with benevolence
Thrust into world in which I don’t belong
Throwing caution to the wind, no more peripherals
Adjusting to a script that I now call my own

It is finally the time for you to behave like animals
Not that hard a prospect if I do recall
Like the way that you have acted when all of your failsafes,
Your system, your structures, your ideals fall

Well I am that bang to restart the reaction
To bring out the Jekyll that lives in us all
But unlike the stories, the serums, the legends
I am not a concept that you can control

Everybody in this city neatly fits inside my plans,
Everybody come together we shall all burn hand in hand
Turn the ever spinning handle, let convention pass us by
We’ll live in this world together, all together you and I

Let the fires keep on burning, let ambition burn us all
You could call out to a hero but no one will hear that call
Through the laughing through the screaming this is what my nerves enthrall
There’s no savior, there’s no hero, there’s just me behind the shawl


released October 30, 2013
Drums, Final Mixing, Mastering by: Darkburai000
Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Lyrics by: thedarkprep
Solo Guitar by: Myles Dunder
Original Mixing by: Brandon Mullin



all rights reserved


Survivors of the Siege Cincinnati, Ohio

In Character: A band of changelings formed after the failed attack on Canterlot, performing for love, adoration, and attention by creating original music and covering other's work (as changelings are wont to do).

IRL: An MLP band created by thedarkprep and Dulcet Tone, with occasional help from DarkBurai000 (who is not a brony but is a very good drummer).
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